Share your Problems. The President of this NGO, Jan Jagran Samiti Maharashtra, Mr. Mohsin Ahmed, wants People to share their Problems that they face regarding the Following.: (Only for Maharashtra.)

– Education.

– Children’s health.

– Problems face by Girls.

– Minority and other Schemes.

– Legal Advising RTI Act.

– And any Illegal activities.

Contact Details of our NGO Jan Jagran Samiti Maharashtra :

Give your contact details including your E-mail and Mobile number. We will assist you for further Information and after a brief research if we found your Problem authentic and really a need of an hour than we promise you that you are not facing them alone.

You can share your problems below or you can directly contact Mr. Mohsin Ahmed :
(M) : 9325202777
E-mail ID : haji.mohsin.ahmed@gmail.com
Facebook : facebook.com/haji.mohsin.ahmed

Address : Plot no.13, Basheer Colony, Near Sir Sayyad College, Roshangate, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Pin-code no.: 431001

You can find our activities on below Social Networks.

Facebook Page : Facebook.com/JanJagranSamitiMS
Youtube Page : Youtube.com/JanJagranSamitiMS
Twitter name : @JanJagranNGO

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