Assalaam u alaikum.

Hello to Everyone, I, Mohsin Ahmed, feeling very happy today to let you know that we’re (Our NGO) is now Online.!

Internet is today’s need and we think a lot of things can be realized through this medium which can help the People and Nation in growing at the right Perspective.

The Purpose of setting-up this Blog because of many reasons.

  • To give and to create Social Awareness regarding the Rights of the People.
  • To Overcome the Problems by solving them as according to the Constitution.
  • The Problems of a Common Man today is unheard and unsolved. So, we think (and we Try) that this should be resolved as Fast as Possible as these peoples are in major quantity and there Growth and Development will be Progress Humanity and our Country.
  • We also fight for the Justice related to people of Minorities.
  • Education is also our One of the Major Target.a
  • Another reason is to provide you the detail information of our work’s done by our NGO and to let you know the about the Things which we are heading up-to in coming forth days.